Clarkson Decision - "H"ing




September 3, 2009


For your action


National Board of Directors


VSSA Appeal Decision


Sisters and Brothers,

The CIU has been informed that the CBSA/Treasury Board has appealed the Clarkson decision which granted the grievance overturning the requirement of those on a Variable Shift Schedule Agreement (VSSA) to make up the time over 7.5 hours on a designated paid holiday when H’d. (NO-29-09) The CBSA continues to require members who are H’d on a designated paid holiday account for the time over 7.5 hours by using leave or by making up the hours. Members on a VSSA will be required to grieve each designated paid holiday where this requirement is enforced. These grievances will then be held in abeyance at the first level until the appeal is decided.

For ease of reference, you will find the grievance wording below. I grieve that the employer is violating Articles 2, 25 and 30 of my collective agreement. I request that I be reimbursed the leave that I had to use on the DPH / that I be compensated at the applicable overtime rate for the hours I was scheduled to work on…..date and that I receive any other corrective action appropriate in the circumstances.

In solidarity,

Ron Moran

National President

How to negotiate a VSSA (CIU National Link)

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