To: All Members.


From Jeff Lovegrove

President 50030 Manitoba

Customs and Immigration Union


Re: Critical Incidents and Lawyers


The Customs and Immigration Union is in negotiations at the national level regarding lawyers and the members rights when it come to a shooting  by a BSO in the line of duty. There is no national policy as of right now but in the interim:

If there is a shooting and once all persons are safe and secured, the BSO who has discharged his/her sidearm should request legal counsel as well as a union steward and should remain silent until he/she has spoken to that counsel.

Once that request has been made, the union steward who is contacted must contact myself or 1st V.P.

No statements are to be made by the BSO who has discharged his/her sidearm to
ANYONE, including the union steward until the lawyer has contacted the BSO who discharged his/her firearm.

Until there is a national lawyer list Manitoba CIU has a contact lawyer for this express purpose and can be contacted by myself or if I am not available, 1st VP 


Thank You.

Jeff Lovegrove






Note: This contact is for the use of officers and only in a use of force incident where injury, death or grievous bodily harm has occurred.


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