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  • President: Michael Aessie: Winnipeg Longroom
  • 1st VP : B. Anderson: Emerson
  • 2nd VP: J. Hiebert : Winnipeg Air (Traffic)
  • 3rd VP: J. Grant : Goodlands 

Executive Stewards

  • R. Bridgeman: Winkler
  • A. Koncan: Sprague
  • K. Hudson: Emerson 


  • J. Croghan: Winnipeg Longroom
  • C. McFarland: Winnipeg Hearings
  • M. Barnabe: Inland
  • C. Beaupre: Cartwright
  • B. James-Thiessen: Inland
  • K: Spencer: Winnipeg Air (Commercial)
  • J. Gartner: Winnipeg Air (Traffic)
  • R. Collingwood: Emerson
  • T. Fehr: Emerson
  • M. Megaffin: Cartwright
  • G; Bartley: 269 Main St. Winnipeg
  • D; Driedger: Emerson

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