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September 17, 2017
2017 CIU Manitoba Branch Elections


2017 CIU MB Branch Elections


Nominations Period

October 2nd -October 8th, 2017

To be nominated for a branch position as identified on the Branch Elections Poster you must download and

print the Branch Nominations Form, have it completed, signed and either fax it to 204-325-9310 or scan and

email it to royandamybridgeman@gmail.com by midnight October 8th, 2017.


You will receive a reply to your individual nomination.


Following the nominations period a list of nominees along with any acclaimed positions will be announced.


If you have any questions you can also email royandamybridgeman@gmail.com or reach us at our work phone

numbers as listed on the CIU National Elections page.


CIU MB Nominations Elections Committee


Chair Roy Bridgeman

Secretary Jackie Kyle



September 17, 2017
Executive and Stewards update!
  • Executive 

  • President: Michael Aessie: Winnipeg Longroom
  • 1st VP : B. Anderson: Emerson
  • 2nd VP: J. Hiebert : Winnipeg Air (Traffic)
  • 3rd VP: J. Grant : Goodlands 
  • 4th VP: J. Croghan

Executive Stewards

     .  T. Warren : South Junction

  • K. Hudson: Emerson 


  • C. McFarland: Winnipeg Hearings
  • C. Beaupre: Cartwright
  • B. James-Thiessen: Inland
  • K: Spencer: Winnipeg Air (Commercial)
  • T. Fehr: Emerson
  • M. Megaffin: Cartwright
  • G. Bartley: 269 Main St. Winnipeg
  • D. Driedger: Emerson
  • R. Dmitrowicz : Emerson
  • R. Bain : Sprague
  • N.  Bain : South Junction
  • A. Shoenbach : Sprague
  • N. Thomas : EIOD
  • T. Kidd : Snowflake


November 29, 2015
New President, and Stewards

Please welcome Joel Gartner as our President!


As of last week I've stepped into the CIU Manitoba Branch President role left vacant by Joel Tetreault this summer.  He has left some enormous shoes to fill and I am very much looking forward to the challenge.  I may have to ask for your patience at times during the transition phase as I hope to be as thorough as possible while getting my feet under me as fast as I can.

I have to thank 4th VP Alyssa Samm for stepping in as interim President for the past several weeks, and for all her work thus far during the transition.

We also welcome Jerid Hiebert who has joined the Executive.  Amitav Sarkar, and Pam Sutton-Henderson have joined us as Union Stewards.  Thanks to you both for your commitments!

If anyone else would like to become (more) involved in the union, or would simply like to ask a few questions, feel free to reach out to your colleagues that are currently active in the union.  Thanks!

Joel Gartner
Manitoba Branch President


July 20, 2015
Interim Branch President
Dear sisters and brothers,
It is with great sadness that I must inform you that I’m resigning immediately as the CIU Manitoba Branch President. I have accepted a new position as Service Officer with the Union of Northern Workers in Yellowknife, NT. I thank you all for the opportunity that you gave me in representing you.
Alyssa Samm, 4th VP, will taking over in the interim. Please send all of your concerns or updates to theciumanitoba@gmail.com inbox. For anyone interested in stepping up to become branch president please e-mail Alyssa at the inbox. The appropriate steps (election, executive approval, etc…) will be implemented as necessary. I have complete confidence that the remaining executive members will be able to continue fighting the good fight against this difficult employer. I encourage those have an interest in becoming more involved to do so. The success of this organization is based on individuals who step up to battle injustice. As such I wish you all of the best in the future and to always pursue the things that make you happy in life!
In solidarity,
Joël Tétreault

May 20, 2015
2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Here are the 2015 AGM minutes: click here | Word file

April 22, 2015
New forum for our membership!

I would like to welcome you to join the CIU Manitoba online forum. This will be a place for us to discuss whatever you’d like to talk about in a more private setting.

The forum is a closed one which means that only those who get vetted in will have access to it. The branch executive will also be looking for your feedback on lot of upcoming issues.

  1. Here’s how to sign up: Go to http://ciumanitoba.freeforums.net/

In the top right corner click on Register

You’ll be prompted for a bunch of information, there’s no need to provide any of your real personal information and I would suggest to not to include any.

Once completed you’ll receive an activation e-mail. After login in you will need to send the admin a message.

In the top left click on Messages, then on the right click on Create Message and send the message to Admin including your real name, position and work location.

Finally once reviewed by the admin you’ll receive a message granting you access to the forum.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. Thanks! -- Joël Tétreault CIU MB Branch President

February 20, 2015
2015 Annual General Meeting: March 27th, 2015 17:00

Annual General Meeting March 27th, 2015 17:00 PSAC Board Room, 175 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg, MB
Agenda topics: Reports, Budget, Signing authorities, Elections of the delegates as NBOD observers
Pizza, salad and pop provided.

All members are encouraged to attend; this is your chance to voice your opinion as to what should be our priorities for the next year. Have your say! To R.S.V.P., add additional topics or if you have any questions please e-mail Branch President Joël Tétreault at joel.tetreault@ciu-sdi.ca

October 25, 2014
Election results

Congratulations to all!


  • President:Jol Ttreault, Emerson
  • 1st VP : Jennifer Grant, Goodlands
  • 2nd VP: Brendan Anderson, Emerson
  • 3rd VP:Jeff Lovegrove, Coulter
  • 4th VP: Alyssa Samm, Emerson

Executive Stewards

  • Joel Gartner, James A. Richardson Airport
  • Glen Hollyoake, Emerson


  • Michael Aessie, Wpg Longroom  
  • Roy Bridgeman, Winkler
  • Josh Croghan, James A. Richardson Airport
  • Chad McFarland, Wpg Hearings and Appeals
  • Terry Halloran, Goodlands
  • Jonelle Hupe, Emerson
  • Jeff Lovegrove, Coulter


September 5, 2014
CIU Election Kit

Election Kit: Click Here | PDF

The election committee will be based out of Winkler. The committee will be chaired by Ron Duda, with members Brandi Gonzalez and Jackie Kyle, faxed nomination forms can be sent to 204-325-9310 during the election.

April 28, 2014
CIU Legal response to Employer regarding Arming

On CIU National's Website: http://www.ciu-sdi.ca/2014/04/response-letter-on-arming/

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